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All our machines have experienced operators and are supplied with a full set of buckets plus specialized root rakes, power forks for tree work, hydraulic tilting buckets, excavator mounted mulching heads, excavated mounted screening buckets and tree shears.

Insurance – We have employers and public liability insurances and have accredited C.P.C.S certificates for all employees, first aid training and Health & Safety.

Machinery Available

Long Reach Excavators
Excavators with – 900mm l.g.p tracks
Tracked Shovels
Towed Rollers
Mini Diggers
Dump Trucks
Chain Saws
Excavator Mounted Mulching Heads
Excavator Mounted Screening Buckets
Excavator Mounted Tree Shears
Excavator Hydraulic Tilting Buckets


Excavators are available in all sizes from 1 ton to 30 ton, including long reach booms, capable of undertaking any task relevant to the machine size .

We have a 21 ton ZAXIS 210 available with 900mm bog tracks capable of going places where most machinery cannot.

All machinery is rigorously tested, and always has an experience operator.

Tracked Shovels

Our machines are Cat 953D tracked loader, also available Cat 955 tracked shovel. Machines come with 4 in 1 buckets and 6 ton vibrating, towed rollers. These machines are used for road contracts, forestry contracts, track upgrading and all other major earthworks including sea defences.

Dump Trucks

These are available in all sizes up to the articulated 25 ton Volvo’s. Dump trucks can be used for transporting of all sorts of materials from soils, aggregates to trees, roots, concrete, general waste and debris.

Mulching Head

Mulching head available on Hitachi ZAXIS 210 excavator

Mulching Head Applications are-
Railway bank maintenance
Mulching on river banks
Roadside maintenance
Creation of fire breaks
Forest debris accumulated
Stump mulching
Clearing of overgrown ditches
Field borders
Maintenance of communication power lines
Vegetation management

Screening Bucket

The screening bucket is a versatile accessory for the larger slews that can process many types of material such as top soil, black top and dirt, excavated and waste soil, contaminated soil, clay, peat, bark, compost, bio waste, demolition waste, construction waste, farmers waste and stone.

Tree Shears

Tree shears are used for the aiding of tree maintenance, site development, tree clearance, right of way maintenance, fire breaks, heathland restoration, forest thinning and removal of diseased trees. Shears can be used on trees up to 500mm.

Tilting Buckets

Our tilting and rotating buckets used on our excavators with experienced operators make any angle, any batter, any gradient possible with minimal machinery movement. Applications … ditching, grading of banks, batters, terraces, ponds, lakes, road construction, golf courses.