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Welcome to John Shelton & Sons

John Shelton & Sons have over 50 years’ experience in earthworks as well as site and land clearance and have been established as a business for 33 years. We pride ourselves on carrying out the highest standard of work and have become known through word of mouth for excellence, experience.

We have carried out large contracts over the whole of the Avon Valley for the Environment Agency and Defra on ditch reinstatement, cleaning and profiling.

Bulk excavations can be carried out for road construction, industrial estates, farms and any other areas where large earth moving equipment is required.

We can carry out all types of fencing work as required for the small garden area and large fields etc., such as all types of general agricultural and estate fencing.

We carry out clearance and construction of golf courses, tennis courts and ménages carrying out a substantial number of very large projects all to the satisfaction of the customer. References are available.

Our reputation for giving an exemplary standard of work has meant that Natural England and RSPB have awarded us many contracts for work such as heathland restoration including Gaultheria removal on sites of Special Scientific Interest or SI, SSI and SSSI sites.

We will construct a small garden pond or design and construct lakes as large as you require. Projects undertaken from design to finished construction are the construction of stock ponds for fish farms.

We have become well known for the repairs, re shaping of old tracks and the construction of new tracks and roads.

Over the years we have carried out more clearance contracts than can be mentioned, amongst the larger ones are the clearance of land for Wytch Farm, The NewBury Bypass, Twyford Down, A31 Ashley Heath.

All machines are equipped with rootforks/powerforks which enable us to take out any
root no matter how large. This type of work can be carried out on small or large areas of land.